welcome to Kadampa Meditation Centre Southampton

“Buddha advises us not to seek happiness outside ourself but to establish it within our own mind”

Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Why come to KMC Southampton?

KMC Southampton offers methods for everyone to reduce stress, anxiety, irritation and other negative states of mind and learn instead how to become peaceful, relaxed and patient through meditation and mindfulness techniques. We also offer deeper courses and study programmes on Modern Buddhism.

The KMC has a warm, open and welcoming environment with a gift store and small refreshment café.

Don’t hesitate to come in and see for yourself, and, if you have the time, join us for one of the many meditation & mindfulness sessions throughout the week.

Fast Track to Deeper Practice

Fast Track to Deeper Practice

Drop-in Meditation Course

Everyone is welcome. Suitable for all levels of experience.
Monday evenings, Tuesday & Thursday morning and Wednesday lunchtime.

Relieving Stress & Anxiety

Relieving Stress & Anxiety

Wednesdays 7:30-8:30pm

Everyone is welcome. Suitable for all levels of experience. Wednesday evenings.

New Forest Retreat | January 2020

New Forest Retreat | January 2020

Meditation Guided Retreat | Training the Mind to be Positive

With resident Teacher, Gen Lekma. This week long retreat is held in ideal, peaceful conditions in the New Forest. We will be learning meditation methods to transform how we respond to our world – how we think, act and speak.

Weekend Courses

Weekend Courses

Meditation Courses & Retreats

We offer methods for everyone to reduce stress, anxiety, irritation and other negative states of mind.

Evening Classes

Evening Classes

Meditation Evening Classes

Guided meditations that will help you to learn to meditate correctly and go deeper. Everyone is welcome.

City Weekly Classes

City Weekly Classes

Meditation for Everyone

Morning, Lunchtime & After Work Classes. Evening Classes & Courses. Weekend Classes, Courses & Retreats. Taught by qualified Kadampa Teachers for everyone regardless of level or time. Just drop-in or book online!

Lunchtime Meditation

Lunchtime Meditation

Take a Break to Meditate

Everyone is welcome. Take a break to recharge mentally. From Monday to Thursday.

Classes near you

Classes near you

Weekly Drop-in Classes

Locations: Bournemouth | Chichester | Dorchester | Locks Heath | Ringwood | Romsey | Southsea | Wimborne & WInchester.

Kadampa Festivals

International Festivals of Modern Kadampa Buddhism

International Festivals of teachings, empowerments and meditations on modern Kadampa Buddhism
Everyone welcome

How to Find us

  • Walking

    2 mins walk from Debenhams

  • Walking from Universities

    8 min from Southampton City College / 7 min from Solent University

  • By Bus

    closest bus stops: Vincent Walk St. / Debenhams / Bargate St. / Above Bar

  • By Train

    It takes about 15 min walk ~ BUSES: Quayconnect / U1C / Bluestar 18 / City Red 2 / the THREE

  • By Bike

    8 min from the Train Station. Bike rails and racks nearby
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