Courses & Special Events

In addition to our regular weekly classes, Kadampa Meditation Centre Southampton offers an extensive program of meditation workshops and day courses that offer practical solutions to everyday problems of modern living that are derived from the teachings of Buddha.  KMC Southampton offers an extensive program of one day courses, meditation classes, study programs and retreats.

The methods and practices taught at the centre are suitable for all individuals, whatever your level of interest. Following Buddha’s special advice, we can relax our mind, dissolve our pain and fear and become of greater benefit to others.

Upcoming Courses & special events

Freedom from Anger & Stress | 4-Week Course Monday Evening

16th Sept | Solving the Problem of Anger
23rd Sept | Coping with Life's Difficulties
30th Sept | A Less Pressured Life
7th Oct | Freedom from Pain and Blame

FREEDOM FROM ANGER & STRESS | 4-Week Course (Tue morning)

This course is suitable for everyone, regardless of any experience of meditation.  If you want to change the way you react to difficult people and challenging situations this four-week course is definitely not to be missed.

Freedom from Anger & Stress | 4-week course (Wed Lunchtime)

Feelings of stress, frustration, irritation and sometimes anger…

Clear Mind, Peaceful Life | 4-Week Course

Learn the secret of maintaining a clear and positive mind. Discover the real nature of the mind, free from distracting thoughts
Explore your inner potential for genuine peace and happiness.


Feelings of stress, frustration, irritation and sometimes anger…

Learn to Meditate in Southsea | Half Day Workshop

Taught by experienced Kadampa Teacher Ben Gallagher. Learn meditation techniques that can be practiced by anyone. Suitable for all; no previous experience required.

Meditation Made Easy | Half Day Course in Wimborne

At Community Learning & Resource Centre (CLaRC), 41-44 King…

Happiness, Integrity & Success | Half Day Workshop – Sat 12th Oct

During this half-day course, Gen Lekma will explain the universal law of karma and how to live in accordance with it.

Become Calm, Cool & Collected | 4 – Week Course

Class 1: Keep Calm and Meditate | Class 2: Content ..(more)

The Power of Love | 4-Week Meditation Course

Class 1: Living in Harmony | Class 2: The Power of Compassion | ..more

Meditation, Park Walk & Cream Tea | Sat 19 Oct

Enjoy a relaxing and uplifting afternoon of meditation, a park stroll and a cream tea!

Empathy & Emptiness | Day Course – Sat 26th Oct

In this course, through a combination of teachings and guided meditations, Gen Lekma will explain to open our heart and deepen our wisdom, both at the same time, in this way solving all our daily problems.
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