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In addition to our regular weekly classes, Kadampa Meditation Centre Southampton offers an extensive program of meditation workshops and day courses that offer practical solutions to everyday problems of modern living that are derived from the teachings of Buddha.  KMC Southampton offers an extensive program of one day courses, meditation classes, study programs and retreats.

The methods and practices taught at the centre are suitable for all individuals, whatever your level of interest. Following Buddha’s special advice, we can relax our mind, dissolve our pain and fear and become of greater benefit to others.

Upcoming Courses & special events

GO Deeper: The Mirror of Dharma | 6-Week Course (Starting Thurs 16 Jan)

An opportunity to receive the oral transmission of this extraordinary meditation manual. ..

The Meditation Toolbox – 5 Steps to Meditation | Day Workshop – 25 Jan

Training in meditation is the most effective and easy-to-learn technique for managing our emotions and controlling our thoughts and feelings. ...

Deepening Meditation – Beyond the App | Half Day Workshop – 8 Feb

With the increase in demand for meditation, the apps available are many and varied. However, meditating on your own isn’t easy and so the meditation app has its limits.

Why Love Hurts | Day Workshop – 22 Feb

In this workshop you will understand the reason why your relationships so often start off happily and filled with love and excitement (the honeymoon period) and then suddenly it seems things go wrong and you end up miserable.

Liking Difficult people | Public talk with Gen Lekma – 2 Mar

It’s easy to like people who like us, isn’t it? But what about the ones who annoy us, or are just difficult to like? Some days we can end up feeling exhausted, frustrated and stressed due to the ups and downs of dealing with other people.. (more..)

Change direction in your life | Day Workshop with Gen-la Thubten – 7 Mar

If we want to ensure we are going in the right direction in our life in general, and especially in our spiritual life we need to check our mind, our intentions and our views deeply. In this insightful, uplifting and inspiring day workshop Gen-la Thubten will use the ancient and profound instructions of the 11 reversals (...more)

ACCEPT DEATH & LIVE IN PEACE | Workshop in Southsea

We are alive; therefore we will die. This is the simplest, most obvious truth of our existence and yet very few of us have really come to terms with it.

Overcoming Irritation & Anger | Meditation Workshop – 14 Mar

This workshop is suitable for anyone and everyone who would like to experience greater levels of happiness and better relationships in their life.


This workshop is suitable for everyone with a wish to experience a more peaceful mind.

Special Event in London | Finding Peace in a Troubled World

Finding Peace in a Troubled World
Vajrasattva Empowerment…


Give yourself a real day off and experience the inner peace and relaxation that comes with this day retreat in the city. You will leave feeling peacefully energised and inspired to take this invaluable advice into your daily life.

Letting Go of Limitations – Unleash your potential | Public Talk with Kadam Morten – 16 Apr

Internationally renowned meditation teacher, Kadam Morten will explain how to eliminate our distorted, ordinary view we have of ourselves and replace it with our extraordinary true nature. (..more)
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