Courses & Special Events

In addition to our regular weekly classes, Kadampa Meditation Centre Southampton offers an extensive program of meditation workshops and day courses that offer practical solutions to everyday problems of modern living that are derived from the teachings of Buddha.  KMC Southampton offers an extensive program of one day courses, meditation classes, study programs and retreats.

The methods and practices taught at the centre are suitable for all individuals, whatever your level of interest. Following Buddha’s special advice, we can relax our mind, dissolve our pain and fear and become of greater benefit to others.

Upcoming Courses & special events

Wake Up Smiling | Urban Retreat – 26 & 27th Jan

A guided retreat to transform the way you look at yourself and others.

Meditations for a Positive Life | Half Day Course – Sat 26 Jan

In this half-day course, you will learn how to settle the mind and focus on thoughts that help us feel uplifted, positive and determined.

Meditation and Mantra | Day Course – Sat 9th Feb

Meditation calms our mind and creates peace, mantra means mind protection. When we understand how to combine these two we have a powerful, yet simple method to attain a peaceful and happy mind by pacifying the negative thoughts that give rise to unhappiness.

Creating Peace with Wisdom | southern dharma celebration in London

Southern Dharma Celebration 2019 

Join us for a special…

Stop Worrying, Start Living | Half Day Course – Saturday 23rd Feb

Through meditation we will discover within our mind an inner peace and contentment that does not depend upon external conditions. We will learn to respond to every situation in a positive, constructive manner and live without fear, enjoying every moment of our life. Beginners welcome.

Choose Happiness | Public Talk with Paul Jenkins – Fri 8th Mar

At this event, open to everyone, our special guest Teacher Paul Jenkins will explain the methods that free us from negative emotions, making joy and happiness our everyday reality.

Freedom from Frustration & Anger | Day Course with Paul Jenkins – Sat 9th March

In this workshop our guest teacher Paul Jenkins will show how Buddha’s meditations give us proactive methods to transform these painful states of mind so we can live more peaceful lives.

Love without Pain | Half Day Course – Saturday 16th March

Love can give rise to great happiness but all too often it seems…

Breaking Bad Habits | Day Course – Saturday 30th March

Building Self-Confidence | Public Talk with Kadam Bridget Heyes

Special Event with National Spiritual Director Kadam Bridget…

Dealing with Change & Loss | Half Day Course – Sat 13 Apr

The Power of Love: Teachings on Healing Ourself with Love | UK Dharma Celebration

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