Meditation Courses & Drop-in Classes

in Southsea


  • Become free from stress & anxiety
  • Learn to experience deep inner peace
  • Remain calm & composed in busy life
  • Transform difficulties by using Buddhist wisdom
  • Increase concentration & focus
  • Develop happy and positive attitudes

Advantages of Meditation Classes vs Apps

  • Personal guidance from experienced teachers
  • The power of meditating in a group
  • Deep positive changes in your mental habits through sequential meditations

Wednesdays 6:30 – 8:00pm


VENUE: Sam’s Place, 6 Grove Road South, Southsea PO5 3QT

HALF DAY WORKSHOP | How to be Kind to Yourself

Sun 12th Jan | 2:30 – 5:00pm | £20

It’s very easy to be hard on our self – to focus on our faults and mistakes and be our worst critic! This course will help us learn how to be truly kind to ourselves – to focus on our pure potential and our ability to help others.

Being kind to ourselves means learning how to develop positive and peaceful thoughts and intentions while guarding against the negativity in our mind. On this course we will be guided through practical meditations that will help us to become more compassionate and understanding towards ourselves and others.

Taught by experienced Kadampa Teacher Ben Gallagher.

HALF DAY WORKSHOP | Accept Death & Live in Peace

Sun 8th March | 2:30 – 5:00pm | £20

We are alive; therefore we will die. This is the simplest, most obvious truth of our existence and yet very few of us have really come to terms with it.

Through Buddha’s insight into death and dying, we can develop an awareness of our own mortality in a way that will totally enrich and transform our life. If we can first learn to accept and be at peace with the inevitability of our own death we will quickly eliminate many of our ordinary worries and anxieties. Contemplating and meditating on our death puts our life into perspective and moves us to think about what is the most meaningful thing we can do with the time we have.

Taught by experienced Kadampa Teacher Ben Gallagher.

  • Do you want to feel better mentally and physically?
  • Would you like to improve your ability to sleep and relax?
  • Do you want to improve the quality and enjoyment of your relationships?

Everyone can meditate and although apps help initially,  it is much easier and more powerful to improve your meditation quickly by having a spiritual teacher to impart their experience and help guide you directly.

You can attend a whole course or simply drop in whenever you can as each class is self-contained, or you can just come along to try a session. However, it is beneficial if possible to attend the entire series of classes.

The teacher of this courses/workshops is Ben Gallagher a qualified Kadampa teacher who has been teaching meditation for many years and is able to explain clearly and with great warmth and insight. The instructions originate from the Kadampa Buddhist lineage, but you do not need to be Buddhist to benefit.

Liking Difficult People | Drop-in Weekly Classes

11/3 Liking difficult people

18/3 Love vs attachment

25/3 Transforming dislikeable people

1/4 Create a world of kindness

8/4 No Class

15/4 No Class (Easter Break)

22/4 Next Course Starts