Buddhist meditation


By Andrea, Foundation Study Program Student  – Studying Dharma for 15+ years

How has Buddhism given my life meaning?

After reading a number of spiritual books that referred frequently to Buddhist text, I became interested in Buddhist meditation. The emphasis on kindness and calm, as well as the gentle writing style of the texts, really appealed to me.


Looking for answers

As a newly qualified nurse, I was struggling to make sense of what I was seeing around me and felt compelled to find a way to make sense of it all, and Buddhist meditation began to do just that for me. And it continues to do so 16 years later!

Making sense of the world 

Prior to Buddhism, I spent a lot of time feeling frustrated, depressed, and getting a strong sense that the world was a very unfair place with very little I could do about it, and while I still have these feelings now and then, I can put them into perspective, and Buddhism has given me a purpose and a way of refocusing my mind into a more positive place… Some days are more fruitful than others! 

Unification of my daily life and Buddhist practice 

Buddha’s teachings encompasses all of the values I cherish, such as fairness, kindness, compassion, and others. Buddhism teaches us how to put these methods into practise and perfect them in our daily lives.

Buddhist meditation forces me to consider my decisions and reactions, and while I am not always effective in applying Buddhist wisdom to everyday life, it has given me something to strive for.

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