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3 Meditation Tips to help you with regular meditation

How to Transform Your Life

What resolutions have you made for 2021? Most of us aim for improvements in physical wellbeing, to get fitter or become healthier. Sadly for many, these are often abandoned within a few weeks or months.

Have you considered putting your energy into improving your mental wellbeing? The state of your mind dictates what you do and how you feel at any given moment.

Training your mind in meditation is proven to reduce worry and anxiety, improve mental strength and ability to deal with challenges, along with an increasing sense of wellbeing and happiness. Useful skills for modern living wouldn’t you say?

To help you start or re-establish your meditation practice, we are including some advice below.

3 Tips for daily meditation

1. Motivation: Ask yourself why you would like to meditate. Think about the benefits (see above or check in the free e-book How to Transform Your Life) and decide what inspires you most. Use this to create your determination to meditate.

2. Plan: Without a plan, you are unlikely to succeed in your aim. Make a decision to meditate everyday. Decide when, where and how long for. Visualise yourself sitting meditating everyday and see yourself feeling more positive, peaceful and happy.

3. Support: Going it alone is much harder than sharing the journey. We all need support and encouragement from like-minded people.

Here are several options for you to choose: Join a live-streamed meditation class – it’s easier knowing you are meditating with others, plus if you sign up for the course you get 30% discount (Mon & Wed evenings only).

Sign up for a membership and join as many classes as you wish for £30/month. Click here for details of prices and memberships.

One of the best ways to make meditation friends or Sangha is by joining the Foundation Study Programme – you will gain deeper understandings, improve your meditation, and meet other people to share with and support your practice.

Good luck with your meditation practice!

Find out about our meditation classes

If you want to learn more about Buddha’s teachings, click here for weekly meditation classes, as well as weekend meditation courses and meditation retreats that are available to those in Southampton, Hampshire, Winchester, Dorset & Isle of Wight.

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