Advice for a Happy Life

Teachings & meditations suitable for beginners.

WEDNESDAY  7:30-8:30pm

IN PERSON (limited places, book in advanced) & LIVE ONLINE (on demand for 7 days) 

No webcam is needed 




Sometimes it is the simplest advice that can help us keep a positive perspective that is most powerful. In this four-week course we will meditate upon practical methods to help us become happier and wiser in the busy modern world.


25% OFF doing the Whole Course: £30

Single Classes – £10


Gail Mott is an experienced Kadampa practitioner who has been teaching meditation for 7 years. Her interest in the use of Modern Buddhism meditation practices to support mental health and well-being has been founded on over 30 years of professional experiences within both the Education and NHS Mental Health sectors.

Gail studies under the guidance of Gen Lekma in our Teaching Training Programme, and her ability to bring into her teachings many daily examples that we easily relate to, make the sessions engaging and enjoyable.


7th July Rely on a Peaceful Mind

14th July Living with Integrity

21st July Patience not Anger

28th July Keep Going, Don’t Give up


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