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One of the main goals of meditation is to give rise to mental peace, through which we can develop and maintain a peaceful mind all the time.  Inner peace is something we all have, we just need to find the methods to access this inner source of happiness.

In this course, you will learn how to cause your mind to quickly become still and calm and discover how to concentrate on this peace in meditation.

Using the wisdom from Buddha’s teachings on the mind (Mahamudra), combined with special methods to provoke great insight through a four-step process of understanding we can access deeper and deeper levels of inner peace.

These explanations are not taught often, and although are rooted in Buddhist wisdom, everyone can practice them.

They cause deep inner peace and they will help you to see through the difficulties and distractions that often crowd your mind stealing our happiness.

  • – Learn how to gather & still your mind
  • – Find peace in and out of meditation
  • – Develop wisdom to dispel negativity from your life
  • – Discover how enlightenment is possible


7th Sept ~ Finding Peace in Meditation 

14th sept ~  Escape from Distractions  

21st sept ~ Letting Go of Painful Thoughts  

28th Sept ~ Believe there is Peace Within   

5th Oct ~ Go Deeper with Wisdom 

12th Oct ~ Permanent Peace of Tantra

19th Oct ~ The Goal of Tantric Meditation

When: Mondays 7-8:30pm – From 7th Oct

About this course:

In this course you will learn:

  • How to improve your qualities
  • How to choose happiness, not conflict
  • Transform difficulties into the spiritual path

Kadampa Meditation is a lot more than just breathing.  If we use the meditation instructions taught by the great Buddhist meditation masters we will have the power to stop negative emotions and train ourselves to feel more positive and confident in all situations.

In this series of classes, we will learn how to move through a series of powerful meditations that will help you to practice the causes of happiness, in and out of meditation. These methods are supremely practical for modern life and help us use difficult situations to strengthen our inner good qualities, not increase our bad habits.

Teacher: Gen Lekma.


26th Oct ~ Stop Critical Thinking

2nd Nov ~ How to be Happy Now

9th Nov ~ Increasing Self-Confidence

16th Nov ~ Transforming Difficult Relationships

23rd Nov ~ Accepting our self and others

When: Mondays 7-8:30pm – From 30th Nov – 21st Dec

Using meditation to transform our behavior is one of the great benefits of Buddhist meditation. Everyone can practice meditation and see great results in their life.

In this sequence of meditations, you will discover how to use empathy and compassion to make life feel so much better and more meaningful.  There is no situation that has the power to disturb you if you know how to protect your mind from negative views. The meditations taught here will explain how you can see any situation from a perspective that is helpful, not harmful, for yourself and others.

Learn how to :

  • Believe in yourself and your potential
  • Not be afraid of difficult or challenging situations
  • Find solutions, not problems
  • Become the person you want to be

Teacher: Gen Lekma.


30th Nov  Seeing your Potential  

7th Dec  Letting Go Unhappy Thoughts 

14th Dec  Good Connections, Good Feeling 

21st Dec  Protection from Negativity 

About This Course


With Kadam Lucy Resident Teacher at KMC Colorado, US

Live-Streamed & Catch up for 3 Days.

Audio Recordings available to purchase after the event for those who enrolled in the workshop. Click here


More details coming soon.


Session 1: 10-11am

Session 2: 12-1pm

Session 3: 2:30-3:30pm

About this course:

One of the simplest ways of understanding the goal of meditation, is to know it is a way to make ourselves happy. 

There are many levels of happiness, sometimes it is short and fleeting and sometimes it feels very strong and powerful. However, the happiness meditation can bring, is a pure, lasting happiness that cannot be destroyed by changing conditions.

To attain this lasting happiness we need to develop inner spiritual realizations. These are states of happiness, such and love, and compassion – but that are so stable they never leave our mind. Once we have these realizations, we will never think, act or speak without love or compassion. Thus we will have found a way to be happy all the time.

To achieve realizations we need very specific correct instructions.  On this Day Workshop, Gen Lekma will explain the essential instructions we need to practice every day to make sure our practice of meditation is leading to the result of realizations.

You will learn:

  • What qualities we need to be aware of in meditation that will lead us to realizations
  • What meditations are the most important for our happiness
  • How to have confidence we can attain realizations


Session 1: 10-11am

Session 2: 12-1pm

Session 3: 2:30-3:30pm

About this course:

Concentration is something we all need in everyday life, however, it is essential for those wishing to make progress in meditation.

Concentration is an inner strength that allows us to focus without distraction and causes our mind to mix with the meditation subject. This causes our mind to change.

If we want results from our meditation we must learn the methods for increasing our concentration.

In this workshop you will learn how mindfulness is an integral aspect of concentration, receive step by step instructions on how we can gradually increase the power of both mindfulness and concentration.

You will learn:

  • How mindfulness & concentration are inseparable
  • Techniques for strengthening concentration
  • What you can do daily to build these qualities


Session 1: 10-11am

Session 2: 12-1pm

Do you wonder why things turn out the way they do?

Why do some people seem to have all the good luck?

When things go wrong for us, it’s common to cry out “Why me?”. Life just doesn’t seem fair at times and can occur as very frustrating!

This half day workshop will help you to understand why things happen, and how you can use your experiences to make wise choices on how to improve your life.

By contemplating the wisdom of karma you will be able to accept more easily the unexplainable and be motivated to live happily with integrity and kindness.

You will discover

  • How understanding karma can change your life
  • Know how to create the future you wish for
  • Let go of the past with wisdom


Session 1: 10-11am

Session 2: 12-1pm


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