From Wednesday 11th November, 7:30-8:30pm

>> IN PERSON:  On Wednesday 9th & 16th we will be opening with limited places. Please pre-book. 



Teacher & Programme

Gen Lekma is our Resident Teacher at KMC Southampton. She is a senior Buddhist nun with more than 25 years of teaching and meditation experience and she has taught in England and the United States for much of this time. Her clear, profound and entertaining talks express the path of wisdom and meditation in a way that is ideally suited for people of the modern world. She is greatly cherished by her students for her warm, light and wise example.

About the course

You will learn to:

  • See ways of feeling better about yourself & your life
  • Prevent irritation from harming relationships
  • Learn how to enjoy life, no matter what is happening

Meditation can help train your mind to become more positive and help you learn how to become happier and enjoy your life more.

Happiness is something we all want to be and if we understand how to focus our mind in meditation ways that bring happiness and positive thoughts, we will discover we can bring these good habits of mind into our daily life.

The series of meditations will help us train in uplifting ways of thinking and being so our life can become more enjoyable, we can train in being happier and can also have a wonderful impact on those around us.

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