Breaking Bad Habits

MONDAYS 7-8:30pm

IN PERSON (limited places, book in advanced) & LIVE ONLINE (on demand for 7 days) 

No webcam is needed 

Teachings & meditations suitable for everyone.

We all want to improve ourselves, but sometimes we can feel stuck in bad habit patterns. This course will give you powerful meditations that can help you distance yourself from unhelpful habits and learn how to build new positive ones in their place.

Whole Course: £72 – 25% Off discount

Per class: £12 – you can just drop-in online or in person.




7th June ~ What Makes a Habit Bad? 

14th June ~ Why Unhealthy Habits Develops 

21st June ~ The Source of Bad Habits 

28th June ~ Stop the Addiction to Distraction

Teacher: Gen Lekma

5th July ~ Break the Cycle of Frustration 

12th July ~ Prevent the Pain of Failure 

19th July ~ Alleviate the ‘Not Enough’ Feeling 

26th July ~ Dispel Discouragement & Laziness

Teacher: Anne Lamerton


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