Increasing Concentration & Mindfulness

Half Day Workshop

DATE: Saturday 14th November, 10:30-1pm



Teachers & Timetable

Gen Lekma is our Resident Teacher at KMC Southampton. She is a senior Buddhist nun with more than 25 years of teaching and meditation experience and she has taught in England and the United States for much of this time. Her clear, profound and entertaining talks express the path of wisdom and meditation in a way that is ideally suited for people of the modern world. She is greatly cherished by her students for her warm, light and wise example.

About the course

Concentration is something we all need in everyday life, however, it is essential for those wishing to make progress in meditation.

Concentration is an inner strength that allows us to focus without distraction and causes our mind to mix with the meditation object. This causes our mind to change.

If we want results from our meditation we must learn the methods for increasing our concentration.

In this workshop you will learn how mindfulness is an integral aspect of concentration, receive step by step instructions on how we can gradually increase the power of both mindfulness and concentration.

You will learn:

  • How mindfulness & concentration are inseparable
  • Techniques for strengthening concentration
  • What you can do daily to build these qualities
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