with Southern Kadampa Meditation Centres

DATE: Sat 11th July – Sun 12 July

COST: £25/day | £40/weekend | Discounts for Members applied


About the course

  • Overcome your fear of death
  • Learn how to help those who are dying
  • Live peacefully with impermanence

Learn how to protect yourself and help others by increasing your wisdom about life and death.

Lately death has been in the news every day. But in our modern society, death and dying are often shrouded in grief, confusion and unhappiness. It doesn’t have to be like that.

Enjoy eight sessions of teachings and guided meditations by four senior Kadampa Teachers (Buddhist nuns and monks) who will explain the Buddhist understanding and approach to this important topic.

Awareness of the death process will help us to come to terms with our own and others’ mortality, live with integrity and – most importantly – know what to do when dealing with death.

Also learn how to practise the ‘five forces’ to improve the quality of your life and guide and inspire you at the time of death. This weekend will culminate in a guided transference of consciousness ceremony (‘powa’) so we can all know what to do when those we love die.

Please take the time this weekend to become your own benefactor and protector. Everyone is welcome! No previous knowledge or experience needed.


Teachers & Timetable


10-11 am ~ Introduction to the course – The nature of the mind & our mental continuum – With Gen Thekchen 

12-1 pm ~ Understanding what happens when we die ~ With Gen Thekchen 

3-4 pm ~ The importance of meditation on death – Identifying the signs of death ~ With Gen Lekma

5-6 pm ~ Introduction to the five forces – The force of motivation at death & in daily life ~ With Gen Lekma

10-11 am ~ The force of familiarity at death & in daily life ~ With Gen Nyingpo

12-1 pm ~ The force of white seed at death & in daily life With Gen Nyingpo

3-4 pm ~ The force of destruction at death & in daily life ~ With Gen Togden

5-6 pm ~ The force of aspirational prayer & ‘powa’ practice – Conclusion & general advice ~ With Gen Togden


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