Foundation Programme

The Foundation Programme is a dynamic, systematic study programme that enables you to go deeper in your own practice.

It covers the meditations in far more depth, enables students to study together and form spiritual friendships with like-minded people, and gives you access to discuss and ask questions at a much deeper level.

If you're looking for more support with your meditation practice, and know you need help creating more discipline and commitment, the Foundation Programme can help you on many levels.

If you're thinking of joining the Foundation Programme, you're welcome to attend two taster sessions before enrolling.

Programme benefits

  • Increased personal insight, wisdom and experience of the Dharma (Buddha’s teachings).
  • Studying and meditating more effectively following a specially-designed programme with a qualified meditation teacher.
  • Opportunities to discuss and ask questions.
  • Help, support and friendship from like-minded people.
  • Gain the ability to integrate Buddha’s instructions into busy modern life.

What happens at the study class?

The programme consists of a combination of teachings, meditation and discussion, all of which enable us to go deeper into the layers of meaning within each book that we study. All of this helps us to make real progress along our spiritual path. Each class consists of preliminary prayers, guided meditation and reading from the book, with commentary and discussion.

We're currently studying in-depth the 21 meditations described in the book Joyful Path of Good Fortune. These meditations form the foundation of a 3-week cycle of daily meditations. It's a wonderful opportunity for anyone who wants to understand exactly what they should be focusing on in each of the 21 meditations.

Joyful Path of Good Fortune

Student expectations

  • The Foundation Programme is not a drop-in class; it's a structured study programme that requires enrolment.
  • Students will need to have an All-inclusive or Premium membership after being accepted onto a study programme.  
  • Students are expected to have read and studied the pages before the class each week.
  • Each class begins with a short meditation, some chanted prayers and then a teaching. A meditation following the teaching helps students to gain deeper understanding.
  • Students are then given the chance to discuss the material studied each week with each other, so they can help resolve doubts, increase their own understanding and help each other with their study and memorisation of important points.

Please note

Enrolment is required and we ask that everyone who enrols has a sincere personal commitment to attend each class following the taster sessions. Those who join commit to sign up for the book or section of the book that's being studied.

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How to enrol

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