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How to Dispel Your Distracting Thoughts

If you have been meditating for a while, you have probably found that some days you feel able to focus well and get some feeling from your meditation. Other times it seems almost impossible to still the mind and focus on anything helpful.

Distracted? In meditation, distractions makes us lose our concentration, by causing the mind to wander from the object of meditation to something else. Distractions are said to be the worst obstacle to making progress in training the mind. It happens to all of us, regularly!!

So it is really a bad habit of mind that we have allowed to function, often thinking it isn’t a problem. Unfortunately left unnoticed, distracting thoughts will in the long term, rob us of our ability to gain insights and realisations, and we are unlikely to enjoy or benefit from the effort we apply. In the short term we will not experience any peace from our meditations, so really we will waste our time!

One of the best ways we can overcome our distraction habit is to remember why we want to meditate in the first place. If we reconnect with a personal ‘aspiration’ or wish, by remember the benefits of meditation, we will be motivated to keep the mind focused on the meditation itself and less likely to allow the mind to wander off.

Before you begin your meditation

  1. Spend a moment reminding yourself of the benefits of meditating (e.g. peace of mind, less stress, increased kindness)
  2. Use whatever reason that inspires you to generate an aspiration or wish
  3. If you notice your mind wandering off, remind yourself of your aspiration and re-focus
  4. Be gentle but determined.

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Good luck with your meditation practice!

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